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Nowadays, almost all file hosts do not provide PayPal direct payment gateway. It is very difficult for customers to buy Upstore Premium with PayPal.

​So, customers must find a reseller who accepts payment via PayPal. But before doing any online transactions, provide honest personal detail is important for a valid PayPal account.

Everyone are advised to make their account to be verified. Verified and no anonymous buying is a need in today’s e-currency system to prevent any fraud transactions. 

Yes, Upstore can use VISA or Master to pay, but everyone worry about their privacy and credit card security!

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Instructions For Buying Upstore Account using PayPal

Steps to buy Upstore Premium Account
1.       Open the website:
2.       Select the validity days.
3.       Click the BUY NOW / PayPal button against the Validity days.
4.       You will be redirected to PayPal payment gateway with appropriate amount.
5.       Enter the Email Address associated with PayPal and the password for making the payment successful.
6.       You can also pay with any credit/ debit cards like Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB through PayPal.

  • Once Payment is successful, you will receive the Email (inbox, spam / junk) with login details.

NOTE: The error when you did your payment! Please reload the PayPal page if you see it.
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